2022 capsule of work

distractions. whispers. mimicry.

 too many compelling reasons to hide, to shrink, to feel nothing at all.

 i’m tired of the numbness. 

i’m kenT, and i’m an artist – absolutely the tortured kind.

i am movement, a flurry of pattern and frenzy, flirting with paintbrushes and putty knives, markers and mistakes. i am attracted to the pitch and yaw of opposites, their nuances and perplexing subtleties.

i paint simplicity with shades of complexity—pockets of light that marry contours of shadow, and they coexist and adapt together as complements of each other.

i am electric, a live wire. lowercase but with capital impact.

and while the air is still static with electricity, i sit in stillness and study what will be yours. will it make you feel?

i paint so you will feel connection. desire. intimacy. depth.    

come feel alive with me. 

pull me through the crowd.

all i ever wanted was something i never knew i wanted.  

my brain could ponder and think – tinker and day dream about all the things i wanted in another.  all i ever wanted in a lover.

it however wasn’t my cranium that created the moment that checked the box that never existed.

it was a hand.  a hand reached.  a hand with extended fingers – expanding to connect to mine.  a hand wanting the safety, the secutity, the sensual declaration that you are mine – that i see you, i get you and i love you.

all i ever wanted was to find the one i wanted everyone to know is mine while at the same time not caring who knows. the one i want to pull through the crowd.