i’m not a magician.

but i play one in the studio. i have several tricks up my sleeve.  the difference between me and david copperfield?  claudia shiffer won’t return my phone calls + i willingly share my secrets.

are you artcurious?

spend the day with me.  bring a note book. dress to mess + i will impress.

i promise to share what i know.  what works and what doesn’t when it comes to materials, supplies, techniques, how to and where to.

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follow is a full day.  9 – 3 or so.

scheduled on a day that works for both of us.

you will paint, pour, scribble and torch.

you will take home everything  you make + a relaxed, easy like sunday morning attitude that you can do it too.

cost – much less than it’s worth.  $495

sign me up

yes, follow is for me.

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