a daughter’s wedding non-sale sale

this conversation lives twenty four hours in my head.

you said you would never have a sale. . . “i know.”

are you diminishing your work by lowering the cost. . . “i prefer to look at it as those who have expressed desire to have my work on their wall but at their current situation and the price of the work it is not the right time – now can be the right time.”

but you said you would never have a sale . . . ” you already asked that, and i already answered – i know.”

do you not like this work? . . . “it is my best work yet, this is not easy.  this is as hard as showing it for the first time.”

why do you have so many pieces? . . . “i’m wired to create.  i speak by creating.  i did not even realize how much i was creating – and i did not anticipate the number of times i would carry it all from the studio to a show and back again.  i love this work and it is hard to say out loud what it is like to carry it back and forth.”

what will you do with the pieces that don’t find walls to live on?. . . ” my most popular answer today – i don’t know.”

when will pieces be shipped?

paintings will ship out this week prior to a trip to nyc.

if something is “out of stock” can you make me something similar?

maybe – message me and i can let you know how long that might take.  small pieces are gone when they are gone.

some of the images show frames – are the paintings framed?

unless it is integral to the painting sale pieces are not shipped with frames – all pieces are however gallery wrapped and ready to hang on your wall out of the box.

what is freight or split shipping?

large paintings over 36 x 48 require freight shipment which can get costly.  prices listed is approx. half of what i am charged – so i am “splitting the cost” with you.