i’m not much on committees.  there are certainly no awards given to “best committee” at the oscars – but i am certainly into working with those you admire and respect.  i’ve had a chance to work with some great companies and great people recently.  interested in working with me?


kent youngstrom is a painter. alexandra franzen is a writer. they met on the internet. but not in a romantic way.

kent liked alex’s words. alex liked kent’s paintings. much like peanut butter + chocolate, gin + tonic (or bacon + anything), they thought, “our stuff would be better, together.”

the result? a collection of high-inspiration wall art with an edgy spirit + a simple reminder: your dreams are delightfully doable and a  new collection of ravenously alluring poster prints.


CB2 is a modern destination from crate and barrel that first opened in chicago in the year 2000.

CB2 is affordable modern for apartment, loft, home.

CB2 is a community (which we hope includes you) seeking modern home design that’s clever and in the moment, that’s spare and simple but with great attention to details, that’s priced smart so we can all have it all (and feel smart doing so). The only attitude you’ll find at CB2 is creative, fun, happy to share.

CB2 has sold over 1200 original hand painted canvas’s by kenT youngstrom since 2011.


based in denver, colorado, DENY designs is a modern, think-outside-the-box home furnishings company. DENY empowers its customers to transform dull, everyday household accessories into fun and original statement pieces by adding a personal image or selecting artwork from the DENY art gallery. with each purchase from the gallery, our team of talented artists earn part of the proceeds, enabling DENY to support art communities all over the world while also spreading the creative love! from custom furniture pieces to textiles, if it’s in the home décor category, DENY puts its own unique spin on it!


we are a church fueled by great faith and we’ve seen God do things that only He can do – thousands of lives changed, marriages restored, families healed and hearts made whole. and as God continues to increase the size of our platform, we are aggressively pursuing opportunities to reach more and more people with the life-saving message of the gospel in both our city and our world.

through the use of preaching, worship, and creativity, we strive to present the timeless message of jesus christ in a clear and fresh way. and although our approach to church is anything but traditional, we believe in and maintain a conservative theological position.


quollective is a free mobile app that let’s you create, style and share quotes. we keep words and sayings that move and inspire us on scraps of papers tucked into diaries, in uninspiring spreadsheets, and on stickies plastered to the bathroom mirror. quollective liberates those stickies by putting all of that wisdom and insight into your pocket, accessible at anytime. so the next time your 3-year-old says something profound, type it in, make it gorgeous with one-touch styling, and share it with your social network or email it directly to a friend. with Quollective, you’ll never lose those Aha! moments or bazingas! that made you bust out laughing or transformed your life.


meet lulu…

she’s a globe-trotting romantic. a girl who passionately seeks the thrill of adventure and feels most at home when she’s jet-setting to exotic hideaways, vintage suitcase in tow. she’ll spend hours scouring flea markets and antique fairs for that perfect, glittery, decorative accent piece and has a special place in her heart for funky, slightly-flawed little treasures. she fills her home with artwork, and appreciates rugs with vibrant hues and unconventional patterns. she loves to paint, draw, and dance, and will never leave home without her favorite pair of five-inch heels.

meet georgia…

she’s an extravagant hostess. she bakes madeleines and macaroons, and cooks her best with a glass of french wine in hand. she enjoys leisurely lunches with friends and browsing home decor shops. she has a discerning eye for style, and an impeccable ability to pair colors, textures, and patterns. she’s the first one to tell you whether or not that moroccan-style rug works in your living room, or if that vintage brass lamp was worth the price. her home exudes luxury and glamour, and you’ll always find a vase of pink peonies on her bedside table.

they must like me as well.

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