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you are a talented and passionate entrepreneur who pours your last breath into the meaningful work you do.  it is time to show off your work to world in the way it deserves.  let us take on the burden of elevating your content, to help you build your brand and attract the right clients for you.

kori hoffman photography and i are offering an exclusive opportunity have your product or your image collaborate with my artwork and studio setting for product + lifestyle photo sessions.

use my paint spattered walls, canvas backdrops, and painted canvas along with your product. take advantage of plant life and midcentury modern furnishings to wake up and surprise your followers. we will cast a spell of creativity to create a cohesive feed throughout your feed with  light and mood that fits what you are selling.

you choose . . .

ship or drop us a box of your product, run for the hills and let us do our thing . . .  or hang around, join in the fun, show the camera pretty face or just hide in the background. . . no matter your choice we have a few rules – which may or may not be made to be broken.

the time includes two hours of set up + shooting time.

you get a full set of photos for easy download about a week after a completed session.

depending on your posting schedule you can get around 2-3 months of product + lifestyle images.  the photos are yours to use as you see fit.

you can choose to tag our work, our location or you can just do your own thing.  if your product is a good fit with what i do, i’ll share a few images on my story time line and celebrate our work together.

we have also teamed with the worth it approach who has designed website templates making it easy to manage your own website.  our images are formatted to slide into the site placeholders – add your own text and logo and boom.  new site up and ready to go.

i suppose you would like to see a sample or two?

brand + photography packages start at $700 and includes two hours of set up + shooting time,  editing and a full set of images which are yours to use as you see fit.

if you are ready to move from the background to the front line and show what you do and how you do it to those that need to know, contact us to have a chat on how to make this happen.  we promise to make it easy like sunday morning and way more enjoyable than any early morning anything.


yes, tell me more about setting up a time to use the studio.