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be the person who sells what you make.

the person who pushes backed from the table of i really should and runs to a the big kings chair at the feast of i am, where everyone passes casseroles of praise and sides of cash your way.

sign up for my be. a part of your start. challenge and get five days of pop top energy drink swigs to jump start your creative business.

alllll week long, i’ll deliver tips and tricks to run over the big scary business world you always thought you needed to conquer before you even started.

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you can do this…

… all you need is a copy of the book + an open mind.

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there is no middle without a beginning.
and there never really is an end.

the middle is the best.
think walnut covered sticky bun, cream filled donut, or molten lava cake. no one wants that to end.

a career is never finished.   we all are really just working toward the next step.

what is your middle?
what are you working towards.

have you tried to start something but have no idea where the starting line is?

do you just want to sell one thing you made?

walk with me.  

get off the couch of confusion.

let’s work on this together.

let’s surprise somebody.

let’s fast forward to the middle.

join me in reading be something. if you want to make something.  walk through 5 chapters that changed the way i looked at using the skills i have in a non traditional business environment.

be surprising.
be inspiring.
be easy.
be obsessed.