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lululemon + international women’s day.

here is what i said. . . i’m a husband. a father. a son. opinionated to a fault. quick tempered. a check list writer. a u-turn hater. not a general people person. a big picture thinker. willing to do just about anything for a friend. self sufficient and believe others should be as well. easily […]

a letter to my 15 yr. old self

a letter to me. this was written and shared to the 15 yr. old soccer / futsal team that i coach. i have edited out the specific player references, but thought it applied to everyone . ++++++ a letter to me, the 15 year old kenT who has no idea what is ahead of him […]

press kit

kenT is available for live, in studio appearances for crossfit + canvas to both perform and inspire. set time for this caffeine laden, high intensity sampling of the jarring collision between art + repetitive movement can be as little as two minutes but is optimal at 4-5. kent will remind you that you have the […]

crossfit + canvas on nbc universal

Erika Edwards Published: 06/05/17 05:14 am EDT. Updated: 06/08/17 02:31 am EDT. CHARLOTTE (NBC News) – There’s no still life in Kent Youngstrom’s North Carolina studio. The artist never sits when he’s painting, and only gets into a groove. “When the music’s loud, and I’m moving, and I’m not thinking about what I’m creating,” he […]

Kent Youngstrom’s New Art Series CrossFit + Canvas

QC Exlcusive Maganize by Ashley Carlini When you meet Kent Youngstrom, he usually introduces himself as “an artist, but not the tortured kind.” It’s easy to see why; he takes care of himself, eats right, works out, and is never afraid to get out and go play. His new series, CrossFit + Canvas, is an […]

how to hang art

yep. 57″ on center from the floor for all of your art! click here to see charlotte today video.

i can paint that!

yes. you can paint your own masterpiece. click here to see full charlotte today video

awkward with me

what’s my why? i am the guy who is not like the others. i don’t have a fancy business title or job description. i must prove myself everyday by making something and hopefully creating an obsession you’re compelled to exchange money for. sometimes i feel like i can’t afford my own work. or that what […]

in case you wanted to know

one of my favorite question + answer sessions from v4 of four magazine. What is your present state of mind? anxious.   Art found you and kind of drove you to it in a hugely organic way. Describe this phenomenon. we found each other.  i was bouncing around between interior design, graphic design and art.  […]

questions anyone?

i often joke in my workshops that everyone is allowed two questions each + that if anyone needs more they will have to buy one from their neighbor. so for this week i’m handing out free question coupons.  i’m opening up the bank.  ask as many questions as you want.  how do i make texture?  […]

how high should i be?

high enough that the middle of me meets the middle of you.  no, i have never tried that as a pick up line. HANG ALL OF YOUR ART 57″ ON CENTER. . . 57″ is the standard eye height.  think shaquille o’neal and nicki minaj sharing a house – balance that out and you have […]

live painting at elevation church

the way we view god's will affects our ability to understand what god is speaking to us.  changing our perspective can turn our confusion into clarity. song by elevation worship. talent given by god. incubated by hard work, practice and faith.

love painting for cb2

lovestruck.  charlotte, north carolina artist kent youngstrom captures the raw complexity of love in this 3-d mixed media installation.

design star casting

hgtv design star.  audition tape. because i can’t watch design shows without an eruption of frustration.   their new is my old.  fortunately – i only made it to the last group prior to selection – painting took off like wildfire and i’m in my happy place.  besides, are there really any design shows left – […]

no one knows my name.

from artist and makers winter 2014 (pick up your copy at michael’s) I’m just a regular guy, nothing special—I just happen to be an artist. As an artist, I assumed I needed to be in a gallery for people to see my work.  Yet galleries seemed to shut me out and preferred my bio to […]

are traditions holding you back?

traditions are great.  every other thanksgiving my crazy family gathers and we have our own olympic games.  everyone brings/ or creates their own quick game for the competition.  we spend 2 days competing, laughing, challenging judgments and overall having an “i don’t want this to end good time.”  we compete in everything from paper airplane […]


from cloth paper scissors blog i’m pretty quiet – most of the time. yet i’m capable of volcanic eruptions of energy and frenzied moments of eruption.  its just that i’m better with a brush than i am with words.  in many ways it can be hard for me to talk about my work – that’s […]

fall in love.

with something other than your work.  single minded focus in great for a time.  but your brain needs a break. have or find something else to be passionate about.  find a regular activity to distract you. workout early…work out late. walk your dog…walk the neighbors dog. garden/plant/week/mow the grass. whatever it is.  love it.  nurture […]

i don’t want to paint.

there are days (like today) when i don’t want to paint.  have no desire to paint. would rather sit, sleep, surf, waste away.  anything accept paint. guess what i have to do…paint. so i’ll  start slow.  warm up.  stretch.  paint something other than what’s due .  my mind and body will take over and do […]

run the race.

wake up. get off the couch. work your backside off. be on time. surprise somebody. i’m often asked for advice by artists in various stages of their careers for advice on different ways to either get started or improve their sales or what type of techniques i am using.  for one i find this flattering […]

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