distractions. whispers. mimicry.

too many compelling reasons to hide, to shrink, to feel nothing at all.

i’m tired of the numbness.

i’m kenT, and i’m an artist – absolutely the tortured kind.

i am movement, a flurry of pattern and frenzy, flirting with paintbrushes and putty knives, markers and mistakes. i am attracted to the pitch and yaw of opposites, their nuances and perplexing subtleties.

i paint simplicity with shades of complexity—pockets of light that marry contours of shadow, and they coexist and adapt together as complements of each other.

i am electric, a live wire. lowercase but with capital impact.

and while the air is still static with electricity, i sit in stillness and study what will be yours. will it make you feel?

i paint so you will feel connection. desire. intimacy. depth.

come feel alive with me. 




inhale the unplanned and unprecedented.

fifty-eight miles to the grand canyon. whiskey tasting on a warm afternoon. an extempore dive into glacial mountain waters. the seashell chandeliers in that display window on the way to taco tuesday. trying on bell-bottoms at a local boutique. 

go. yes, now. 

required? a bit of courage and some pluck and the kind of smile that tugs at the corners of your mouth.  

a capsule collection of hand-painted, one-of-a-kind paintings on canvas by kenT youngstrom – curated by CB2. limited supply. 

neutral tones. 

hand-scraped, freeform texture carved into grooves and canyons. unplanned turns and coarse valleys collect the delicate, neutral paint splatters that trickle and dance across the canvas.  

choose one piece. choose two. resist permission. engage in discovery, in the allure of problem solving. feel the electricity, the seduction of detouring the unplanned and unrequired. 

buy the seashell chandelier.

and then do it all again.


what size is that?

yes, each piece is available in a different size.

however, some pieces lend themselves to the larger canvases

and some to smaller.

let’s discuss.  click here to take a detour with me.