love painting for cb2

lovestruck.  charlotte, north carolina artist kent youngstrom captures the raw complexity of love in this 3-d mixed media installation.

a graphic juxtaposition of a loving relationship – rusted and recycled, reclaimed and brand new – this hand-painted piece symbolizes the many contentious facets of love.  clean white aluminum letters reclaimed from local sign shops sharply contrast a fiery red V, illustrating our constant desire for the balance of comfort and passion.  a frenzy of graffiti-esque rings and feverish brushstrokes animate 6 feet of recycled cardboard in a visual realization that loves comes full circle through tumultuous moments.  together, these unique elements compose a singular statement that is both powerful and poetic.  much like the emotion of LOVE itself.

the piece sold out in 7 weeks.  if you want something similar, just let me know.