in ink commission box


a you and me painting project. a box proving that we are better together. through brush marks and happy mistakes we will soon share the pull of intimacy, breathe life into love lost or perhaps champion yourself to find out what happens when you don’t give up.

you and i are not so different.

my work is who i am and your story is who you are. i promise to honor and protect sacred, meaningful, sensual words and messages, messy and delicate emotions with the safety of acrylic + ink, holding its space for the privacy of your memories.

gushing praise straight ahead – you can do this. your process is about to be perfection.

how it works –

you, you and a partner, you and your family paint anything you like on the canvas provided with the paint and other materials provided in the box. (and yes, i understand you are anxious about painting and sending me your work – just like you, what you create will be enough.)

mail it back to me in the envelope provided.

i will take what you painted and use it as a starting point and layer transparent and opaque layers over it to create a beautiful collaboration that only you will know what is under all of the layers – only you will know exactly what the piece means to you.

i will send you back a stretched, ready to hang 36 x 48 painting.


one of one just for you.

a few notes . . .

i will make it easier than you think.

i will be just as excited to start as you are.

we can talk about color.  and textutre.

i have my style – i like it.  i assume you are working with me because you like it too.  i’m happy to look at something you have seen or other works of mine and use it as inspiration, but if you are looking for a copy i’m not into that.

because stretching canvas + gathering supplies is my least favorite part of a project and because we are just starting our relationship, all commissioned work / custom painting starts with a 50% deposit.

any remaining balance is due prior to shipping.  what i don’t accept is payment of any kind until you are over the moon obsessed with the final outcome.

i ship all paintings fedex home delivery or freight to you. each is gallery wrapped and ready to hang out of the box.  i even provide height hanging instructions.  if you are local i may even come hang it for you.

it generally takes btwn. 4-6 wks to finish + ship your custom piece.  i work as on a schedule and will have it finished for you. i’m the anti-artist. i wake up. get off the couch.  work my backside off. show up on time. and i surprise people.

if you have any other questions – ask me here.

need a custom size? ask me here.

want to chat first? ask me here.

all prices listed for commissions include shipping to you if in the continental united states.

a few commissions to show what can happen