want to play?


it’s your turn.


a night of games—the really good ones. the ones that bring out bursts of laughter and streaks of fierce competition.


this is a night of bright memories, of intimate moments with the best kinds of friends. where we stay up too late with good food and feel absolute excitement about shaking off monotony and drudgery for a night of lively laughter + camaraderie.


so bring a damn good poker face.


win all the hands. dominate in something else besides “best office cheese spread.” brag a little. trash talk your girl. roll over your friends who came in with a little too much ego for a friday night.


host at your home, your studio, or your secret lair.


i’m ready. are you?


a few house rules


  1. phones. away.

sure, text your babysitter. order your kids a pizza. but keep the social media in your pocket for another time when you’re bored, which is not now. live candidly and purposefully + don’t try to capture it all.

if you do, you’re showing your hand.


  1. invite so many friends, but only the good ones. stick with the ones who probably return their shopping carts and who can kick a little wit across the table.


avoid the big three:

–     the game sloth: you know the type. it’s always her turn (again) + she monopolizes it to discuss questionable life choices. let’s move, speedy.

–     the overly loud talker: if this pal needs a real-life mute button, then save the invitation for a sunday coffee date or have some duct tape ready.

–     the dud: seriously, guy, stop reading the rules out loud. no one is listening to you. also, here’s some wet wipes for your Cheeto fingers.


  1. dress to impress yourself.


wear that thing – you know the funky, maybe-a-little scary piece in your closet? wear it tonight, babe: the bell-bottoms. a ted baker shirt. a shiny pair of new sneakers. show some flair + couple that spunk with your damn smirk as you flash your confidence all night.

note: i’m nixing cargo shorts.


my job


let’s make some lasting friends.


i’ll host and provide a bit of wit, some clever jokes, and a few digs—no one is safe. i’ll be waiting for a challenge: i can’t wait for your party to match my wit as we break open some incredible conversations.


i’ll provide game supplies and a sound system. we can discuss details (food + drinks + spotify playlists) based on time + location.


i will let everyone know that i am kent—that i’m an artist (absolutely the tortured kind) and that i am on a mission to make their walls as fun, as exciting, and as intimate as game night.


for hosting, you will receive a new kent youngstrom art piece for your walls. plan on feeling a bit more superior than your friends for a moment or two. don’t worry, though—they’ll have a chance to upstage you with their own kent original.




never game-nighted before?


you will be perfect.


let’s roll.