how high should i be?

high enough that the middle of me meets the middle of you.  no, i have never tried that as a pick up line.


57″ is the standard eye height.  think shaquille o’neal and nicki minaj sharing a house – balance that out and you have 57″.  galleries and museums swear by this rule.  i know a gallery curator who can tell if it’s a quarter of an inch off.

this most likely will be lower than you are use to hanging your works.  using this guide will bring the art closer to the other elements in your home and let them all work together in a more harmonious kumbayah kind of way.  it will also develop a sense of downward dog style balance if you use this dimension as a base line around your home.

if you are hanging a grouping of work, establish the 57″  for the middle images and work your way out from there.  arranging the art on the floor first will help with this process.

as a side note, keep the larger images in your grouping on the left.  just because.

hanging recipe…

measure artwork and divide by 2 (this gives you the center) [ ex. 24″]
measure top of your picture to the tightened wire or saw tooth hanger [ex. 4″]
subtract “tight wire” amount from 1/2 height amount for the “to the hook” amount. (this will tell you how far above 57″ your hook should go) [12″ – 4″ = 8″]

add amount from above to 57″ and mark on wall.  nail goes here. [ 57″ x 8″ = 65″ for nail/hook]

meet me at the hanging tree…