jumper cables


jumper cables is a one day jump start program for marketing, design + creative teams of all sorts.

a six hour cram sesh to stretch team members to…

+ remember why they started – a lesson in who they are

+ let themselves go – learning what they would do if there was no competition

+ set goals that energize vs. those that drain

+ rejuvenate their worn out, hard to crank battery with pleasure patterns

my battery runs low.  i leave the lights on all night.  i chill with the radio on waiting for the next sporting event in the parking lot – a little too long.

i need a  jump start by brain.  my arms.  my hands.  my feet.

my brain is tired.  my frontal lobe is confused, perhaps jumbled or maybe just totally empty.

as a maker and creative energy junkie, i need jumper cables to take some juice from another source and surge it over to me. sometimes red bull just doesn’t cut it.

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currently, all sessions are held in the studio.
1430 industrial dr.
matthews nc

jumper cables also travels. click below to make arrangements.

cost is determined by number of team members, but i promise to make it easy on your budget and more than worth the investment.

send us more information

we are ready to jump

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