KNOW what to be. . .

i’m kenT, and i’m an artist. but not the tortured kind.

i think i’ve always been an artist. at least since people in social settings started introducing themselves and asking me what i do. but i was way too scared to say it so simply. i struggled to tell people who i was and what i did. i felt so compelled to validate myself that i crammed everything i had ever done or wanted to do into my basic description. i would probe into what i thought someone might need me to be before giving a full answer.


do you want to be the person who pushes backed from the table of i really should and runs to the big kids table at the feast of i am, where everyone passes casseroles of praise and sides of cash your way.

sign up for know. what to be. and get a pop top energy drink swig of of real world solutions to jump start your business.

i’ll deliver tips and tricks to run over the big scary business words you always thought you needed to conquer before you even started.

if i can do this, you can do this. . .

i’ve been finding another way to sell my craft for over ten years.  i can’t stop, won’t stop avoiding art galleries and have managed to partner and work with companies such as cb2, lulu and georgia, magnolia, nobull project and a few others.  i have managed to place my work on, see it spring up on hgtv often and have a painting on the wall of chip and joanna gaines home as well as collaborated to design a line of shoes that sold out in a day.

i’m all about surprising those you work with by finding another way to approach them and make your mark.  i want to teach you to do the same.


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march 27.  6:30 pm.

ever wanted to let yourself go? i mean really let your inner self scream and punch the gas to follow thelma & louise over that cliff. both art + business should be like that.

wanna get out of control – gain ravenous excitement for conquering your creative block – develop something cool and not care how you get there?

there will be a group of know tribe friends,  i know it can be scary by yourself.

dress like johnny depp, but try to smell like elizabeth taylor. if we get messy i’ll provide the julia child aprons.