let yourself go


ever wanted to let yourself go?

i mean really let your inner self scream and punch the gas to follow thelma & louise over that cliff. painting should be like that.

wanna get out of control – gain ravenous excitement for conquering your creative block – make something cool and not care how you get there?

grab a group of friends, it can be scary by yourself.

standard set up is 90 minute (or so).

painting on 16 x 20 or equal canvas.

use my supplies + get access to my super secret cabinet of goods.

dress like johnny depp, but try to smell like elizabeth taylor. i’ll provide the julia child aprons.

never painted before? perfect, you don’t have any bad habits i need to break – you will be perfect.

what is this?

an inspiring painting adventure for you and your friends.


a swallowing of pride and $50.

minimum 8 artists

the more you bring the more you have to compare your awesome work to their sub-par creation.

what do we paint?

whatever you want.  or copy some of mine.  steal my ideas. for sure you won’t all paint the same thing!

can i bring food and drink?

yes.  bring your own fuel whatever that may be.

sign us up

i have a group and want to let go!

  • i have taken several classes from kent and plan to take many more! a painting class is something I always wanted to do. when the wine and design places started popping up i was so excited….. until i found out everyone painted the same painting in those. akenT’s class is anything but. he takes it to a whole other level. i had a blast with girlfriends, painted some crazy paintings, […]

    melodi vandemark

  • we were at kenT’s studio last year for an open studio paint night. had such a great time we are taking a big group back this weekend. kent is so laid back in letting you control what you paint while giving advice and tips throughout the time you’re there.

    cory worf

  • kenT does a wonderful job making you feel like you can really paint. he is fun, talented and you go home with a momento of a great evening! i also have one of his original paintings proudly hanging in my home and love it!

    patti pippin mikita

  • it’s rare to find unique thoughts and creative motivation in my business.  kenT youngstrom makes my team feel cool, keeps my patients in awe, and encourages my soul to express my own art form 24/7.  he knows how to fragment the norm and push us to all be better artists and better people.  from his team building, to his canvases, to his hard art, to just his mere presence, he […]

    dr. marc allen

  • kenT’s art captivates you the moment you see it.  his vision to create the mood and feeling desired by his clients in their space is is quite compelling.  he is one of the kindest, most professional people i have ever had the privilege of working with.

    chris rinkert