love can be a trip

in june of 2020 i decided to drop a few hundred love never fails paper paintings on the city of charlotte.  i employed my teenage children by convincing them we were tagging the city and that we had to be fast and avoid the police – when in reality i had permission from just about everyone who’s windows and walls we were borrowing.

i honestly wasn’t expecting much.  however by noon the next day i was getting requests as to where there may be more and if i knew if there were any left here or there?

it turns out love actually doesn’t suck.

+ + + +

the concept progressed quickly and i decided to hop in my transit van with 1,000 fresh and frantically painted versions of the same thing.  i stopped in ten or so cities along my journey of driving from charlotte, nc to san jose, ca.  i dropped paintings in knoxville, tn; nashville, tn, quincy, il, st. louis, mo; kansas city, mo; denver, co; boulder, co; salt lake city, ut, san francisco, ca, san jose, ca and a few random spots along the way.  in all i taped, pasted and clipped around 1,000 paper paintings along with a note saying take one – give it away, i promise – you will make someone’s day.

+ + + +

this summer i would like your help in making a love trip.

i am looking for artists to join me this summer.

friday.  june 11.

choose a number.  make it 50.  or 100.  or more.  create a poster of your choice with the word love on it.  make it simple – no agenda other than love.  post them in your city for anyone to take.

if you are interested contact me here and i can send you a link for the paper is use and some recommendations for best way to hang etc.  yes, it will cost you for paper and supplies – but i promise it will come back to you.

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