love what you do

i’m kent and i’m an artist.  i keep a small group of friends around to make sure i don’t suffer too much from being the tortured kind. 

those friends and i are on a mission to make crazy cool stuff by showing up in silence to surprise folks who are doing downright fantastic things without much fan fare.

we probably think we are way cooler than we actually are – but  i think there is value in watching people give of their time and talent and i am proposing that “love what you do” would make a great show for the new magnolia network.

we take our little creative circus around the country leaving messages of love, laughter and as much inspiration as we can muster.  we love to remind you that no one on earth can do what you do precisely the way you do it.  

i believe that we all have a talent and an ability that we can mold to help others be the best version of themselves.  

this is my talent. this is our talent.  this is how we say. . . you matter.

follow us. dress like you mean it,

bring a friend, we are always looking for help.

expect the unexpected, a change in plans, an energy drink explosion, a magical moment, and a happy tear or two.

the concept

kent youngstrom and his team of creatives travel the country leaving small messages of love and hope along with grandiose creations of volcanic proportion to people doing fantastic things without much fan fare.

kent’s team includes his daughter riley, camera carrying kori, and everyone’s friend kathy, who honestly is just there to make sure everyone is working except her. along the way he will add in a few social media friends as guest hosts, such as elevation worship leader brad hudson, fitness ambassadors sam dancer and brooke ence, and magnolia network diy’ers annie hawkins and brittany baker.

along with the team’s participation and creative contributions, each project will seek out a local artist with complementing talents in order to add to the large-scale impact and demonstrate that communities thrive when the arts are encouraged and local talent is utilized.

each episode will be a mashed-up, boutique documentisode with live track and whimsical voice-over to cross-pollinate boundaries normally seen on the traditional reveal shows.  the creative process will be photographically documented for social media and for an artistic auction at the end of the season.

short video and “how-to” art snippet-style clips will be used for promotional purposes to enhance audience engagement and encourage others to use their talents and their resources to give forward in their own communities.  branded and wearable items will be created to spread the message of kindness and community involvement.

in a potential first episode, the crew joins up in miami with athletes from nobull project, including sam dancer, to create an entryway into grind fitness with their staff who provide physical fitness training for children and adults with special needs and extraordinary talents.  

other potential episodes include venues in chicago, il; salt lake city, ut; san jose, ca; charlotte, nc and locations to be determined.

+ initial concept story shot and edited by duncan littlefield of the littlefield company

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i am sending this to you with an avalanche of appreciation.

i want to work with you on something.  anything.  lets tell a story through art.

much like peanut butter + chocolate, gin + tonic (or bacon + anything), i’m inclined to believe “we are better, together.”

click here and i’ll send the peanut butter and chocolate if you want to chat and relive old commercials.

or want to see more?  click here.  or here.