cb2 three rings

infinite inspiration. three rings symbolizes an unbroken promise to believe in oneself, hand painted as an original work by artist kenT youngstrom. a trio of metallic copper rings encircles a tactile surface of white molding paste layered over a field of oil pastels. revealing underlying depth and dimension, the molding paste is combed and scraped, and finished with spontaneous strokes of acrylic. when doubt and fear arise in showing his work, youngstrom remembers to “scrape away and reveal what is underneath—the precious metals i have been gifted with, which are meant to be exposed.” his three rings are a reminder to do the work, show the work, be the work.

CB2 edition LMTD: CB2 edition LMTD original works are offered one time only in a small reserve. this special CB2 edition LMTD painting has a limited-edition release of 165.