love never fails – words for friends edition

usually it’s tax day, april 15, and i would normally be up late trying to find paperwork i should have kept neatly in a folder.  however, this year i am able to procrastinate a little bit longer.  so, instead of searching for papers i was putting them up all over town with my son and daughter late into the evening so that charlotte could enjoy a little bit of love come sunrise.

we taped about 120 original works on paper around southend in charlotte on restaurant windows, buildings along the rail trail and a few sporadic locations.  some of the locations we announced via social media, some we let those out walking search for.

to be honest the response was more than anticipated.  most of the pieces were gone by noon and i was being messaged over and over about where there may still be a few left.  i was contacted by several media outlets and sent personal messages from friends, acquaintances and folks i don’t even know about how a little love made their day.

sometimes even i forget what spreading a little love can do.

watch news link here

based on the local response i jumped into my transit van and drove from charlotte to san francisco, stopping along the way to replicate the charlotte experience.  i was able to drop around 1000 paper prints for anyone and everyone to take.