words for friends

more than anything i want to inspire you to wake up, get off the couch, show up on time, work your backside off and surprise someone. surprise them with your smile, with your volcanic eruption of energy or with your kill them with kindness vibe. i want everyone to know that no one on earth can do what you do precisely the way you do it.

it is exhausting and frankly a bit awkward to grab everyone on the street and shout

in their ear. plus it is just not my style. so as an alternative i drop inspirational jolts of encouragement, love and an overall message of you got this on empty walls wherever i go. each hand painted and written card is free for the taking by any passer by. it is street art for the taking, and for the giving.

words for friends murals stared in charlotte, nc and have traveled as far as london, england and will most likely show up wherever my artistic travels take me.

the amount of cards printed varies and depends on location.  want a words for friends wall for your location or next event?  contact me.