meet me in the middle

i get it. your last name might not be getty and your house probably doesn’t resemble that of an upscale gallery. but your southend condo needs a little sprucing. and you need something to tie together your pour over coffee brewer and trendy house plant. you want to consider yourself cultured in the creative world, but frankly don’t want to break the bank. you’re willing to treat yourself to some one of a kind art but would still like to eat. creepy how I know your life and your thoughts, huh? well maybe stop posting them on instagram.

art is intimidating. it’s too big or too small. too sophisticated or too ugly. i’m on a mission to make the walls of your home, office, or secret lair as colorfully composed as you are.

i want to meet you in the middle of your crazy life, tight budget, and desperately needs a designer condo.

meet me in the middle.

this was not inspired by zedd’s latest single but by the desire to make art be something for everyone. something everyone can feel, see, and even be a part of. i want to meet you in the middle of your budget, your style, and your home. i want to make you feel something. something other than that sinking gut wrench from the hunk of hundreds dropping from your bank account.

meet me in the middle.

this collection of simple modern pieces are intended to up your aesthetic and add some color to your walls without having to question who was tortured to make the final piece or what second grader finger painted it.

meet me in the middle.

and lets bring some color to your collection.


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