My Story


have you ever gotten completely + totally lost?

maybe in the pages of your all-time favorite book. maybe in your daughter’s tangled hair perhaps in a kiss, or in a vow.

we all want to ‘get lost.’ we crave it. we need it.

and the busier life gets, the more we forget how to do it. i’m a lucky guy, because I’ve found my own way to get lost … every day.

all I have to do is pick up a brush, stop thinking, start feeling … and paint.

owning a piece of my art probably won’t ‘change your life. but it might make you pause, breathe, smile and remember to get lost … just a little more often.

the backstory

i started painting several years ago, in design school, without any big plans or ambitions. it was hard, unpredictable, time-consuming — and the best thing ever. by the end of day one, i was hooked.

one gallery show led to another, and before long i was selling paintings to friends, family + a handful of local fans.

local sales turned into national sales. national sales turned into licensing deals. bulk orders from CB2 came knocking, along with flash sales at, pops-ups in people magazine — and flattering attention from a couple of those ‘home makeover’ reality tv shows.

one day, i woke up and realized, “huh … guess I’m a full-time artist, now.”

i grinned. and then put brush to canvas again.

the nowstory

i live in north carolina with my (amazing) family.

i wake up at 5am most mornings, work out, whirl the kids off to school, check my computer for new orders, plant myself in the center of (at least) ten half-covered canvases, and rarely stop moving ‘til nightfall. i’m usually splattered in about seven colors of paint. it’s a good way to move through the world.

life is complicated enough, so I keep my work simple.

i hope it makes you look. i hope it makes you smile.

i hope it makes you feel …
something you’ve been wanting to feel, for a while.

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  • it’s rare to find unique thoughts and creative motivation in my business.  kenT youngstrom makes my team feel cool, keeps my patients in awe, and encourages my soul to express my own art form 24/7.  he knows how to fragment the norm and push us to all be better artists and better people.  from his team building, to his canvases, […]

    dr. marc allen

  • kenT immediately, with both feet in and without hesitation, made himself a part of our team. his input, excitement, willingness, generosity, awareness and creativity was unparalleled and unexpected. he instantly ingratiated himself to the team and to me, personally, from the very first moment I met him. we love kenT!

    cordilla jochim

  • working with kenT is badass on many levels.   he’s an artist with layers, so i get to approach a project with greater expectations, knowing what i conceptualize will be surpassed.

    erin ducharme waters

  • kenT’s art captivates you the moment you see it.  his vision to create the mood and feeling desired by his clients in their space is is quite compelling.  he is one of the kindest, most professional people i have ever had the privilege of working with.

    chris rinkert

  • refreshed. relaxed. focused. free. all at once. that’s how it feels to brainstorm an idea or project with kenT. we love everything he does!

    tonia bendickson

  • kenT is the most creative mind i have ever worked with.  he always discovers a way to look at something or someone with an artistic eye that can’t be beat.  

    jenn snyder

  • kenT leaves nothing on the table.  without a doubt, he is the collaborator i would choose to work with again – and have.  he makes each experience uniquely artistic, new & creative, and always entertaining.  

    shelly takats hutchins