nobull project


a collision between art & repetitive movement.

each trainer in the art work collection was designed from the paintings created by a team nobull project athlete.

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my first pair of nobull trainers were the all white ence’s. they didn’t stay that color for very long.

i’m fairly certain the nobull guys thought i was over reaching above my pay grade when i first approached them about an art work out. in fact, they initially replied with a thanks, but no thanks.

however, after a delivery of 4 art workout prints to their office with a simple note reading “love your product, keep doing what you art doing.”, i received a call to brainstorm some ideas on how we could work together. and the nobull art work trainers were born.

it was over 18 months in the making from contact to shoe delivery in late february. along the way i was able to collaborate with the creative minds of nobull project, throw paint and work out equipment around with crossfit games atheltes brooke wells, brooke ence, kristi eramo, sam dancer, alex anderson and jared wayne stevens. i visited abandoned warehouses and attic spaces outside of boston, ma. i saw sam dancer paint himself gold. i watched brooke ence stamp her favorite body parts onto canvas. i flew to london and experienced WIT fitness and met new friends as the artwork trainers dropped and sold out in virtually the same day.

if you are a company looking to reach your audience in a surprising way contact me here.

the painting

the shoes

the story in pictures