jumper cables

i’ve got some.

somewhere. unless i need them.

i need jumper cables from time to time.

my battery runs low.  i leave the lights on all night.  i chill waiting for the next sporting event in the parking lot – a little too long.

i need them to jumpstart by brain.  my arms.  my hands.  my feet.

i can’t be running 24-7 and start right up on command all the time!

my brain is tired.  my frontal lobe is confused, perhaps jumbled or maybe just totally empty.

as a maker and creative energy junkie, i need jumper cables to take some juice from another source and surge it over to me. sometimes red bull just doesn’t cut it.

that what “jumper cables” is all about.

jumper cables is a one day jump start for your creative team.

a six hour cram sesh to stretch creative team members to

remember why you started
let yourself go
trade your client resentment for client love
rejuvenate your worn out, hard to crank battery

all sessions are held in my studio
1430 industrial dr.
matthews nc

for more information or to borrow my cables . . .  contact me.

who is this for?

marketing teams.  design teams.  creative teams of all sorts.

where will it be?

my oh so cool tribeca style meets red neck location painting studio in matthews, nc.

will there be food?

ah – yeah.  fair warning.  i eat healthy.


depends on your team size – but you can afford it.

coming in from out of town?

here is a link to some cool places to bunk.

“Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.”
-David Ogilvy