let yourself go group class

have you ever let yourself go?

i have…and it feels fantastic.

art is not about making something pretty. it’s about letting go and seeing what surfaces.

wanna let go?

bring along a group of friends, it can be scary by yourself.

standard set up is 90 minute (or so)

you’ll paint on 16 x 20 or equal canvas – use my supplies, paints, brushes, super secret materials and more.

bring your own fuel whatever that may be.

dress like johnny depp, but try to smell like elizabeth taylor. i”ll provide the julia child aprons.


a swallowing of pride and $45.

minimum 8 artists

the more you bring the more you have to compare your awesome work to their sub-par creation.


studio address
1430 industrial blvd. matthews, nc. Suite c

contact me to set up a date