wanna jump?

i did. still do.

not necessarily out of a plane – way high up where everything looks tall and still.

i want to leap and feel my stomach tickle my throat and make my knees wobble like my grandmothers jello popping out of those copper colored molds.  i have a desire to send notice to my exhilaration nerves that i’m still i’m alive.

excuses get in the way.  they post signs letting us know we are not ready yet.   “i need to save some money first”  or “get the kids out of diapers, or off to school”. “i’m not certified.”

trust me.  there will always something blocking your path.  it’s time to pack your parachute and jump.  this is not a diet plan we are starting after the holidays!

parachute is a one day workshop for makers.

i want to help you pack what you need to survive the most exhilarating time of your life.

it’s time to jump.

time to stop telling everyone what you are going to do.

time to shut up, close your eyes and trade repetitive footsteps for the reckless abandonment of calling your own shots.

you will leave with a pack full of…

strategies to prepare for the winds that will blow you back and forth.
guides and specific resources on how to sell you crap before you hit the ground.
tips on when to pull the cord and when to just let it go.
lessons on how to take that glorious selfie without a wind blown look.

take off is february 28.  9:00 am.  landing around 3:00 pm

tickets are first class only and are limited

who is this for?

artists. designers. makers. anyone who wants to take the leap into making what they love doing their full-time gig.

where will it be.

my oh so cool tribeca style meets red neck location painting studio in matthews, nc.

will there be food?

ah – yeah.  fair warning.  i eat healthy.



coming in from out of town?

here is a link to some cool places to bunk.