poetry for paintings

a collection of words to pair with sips of paint.  remember to swirl and spit.

what they don’t tell you in art school

what they don’t tell you in art school. i can be seen on minimally-listened-to podcasts, quoted in publications, and heard discussing with show-goers that my favorite part of painting is when i’m stuck – when i step back and contemplate if i’m done or if the piece is missing something – the part when i […]

if i wasn’t an artist

if i wasn’t an artist i’d be a dancer and if i wasn’t that i’d be an astronaut  with a really thick helmet or a cowboy with a brim but if i wasn’t that  i’d be a teacher, yes, a teacher  or a singer with a sold-out arena, everyone shouting my name and also i’d […]

a letter to my 15 yr. old self

a letter to me. this was written and shared to the 15 yr. old soccer / futsal team that i coach. i have edited out the specific player references, but thought it applied to everyone . ++++++ a letter to me, the 15 year old kenT who has no idea what is ahead of him […]

are traditions holding you back?

traditions are great.  every other thanksgiving my crazy family gathers and we have our own olympic games.  everyone brings/ or creates their own quick game for the competition.  we spend 2 days competing, laughing, challenging judgments and overall having an “i don’t want this to end good time.”  we compete in everything from paper airplane […]

lululemon + international women’s day.

here is what i said. . . i’m a husband. a father. a son. opinionated to a fault. quick tempered. a check list writer. a u-turn hater. not a general people person. a big picture thinker. willing to do just about anything for a friend. self sufficient and believe others should be as well. easily […]

press kit

kenT is available for live, in studio appearances for crossfit + canvas to both perform and inspire. set time for this caffeine laden, high intensity sampling of the jarring collision between art + repetitive movement can be as little as two minutes but is optimal at 4-5. kent will remind you that you have the […]

crossfit + canvas on nbc universal

Erika Edwards Published: 06/05/17 05:14 am EDT. Updated: 06/08/17 02:31 am EDT. CHARLOTTE (NBC News) – There’s no still life in Kent Youngstrom’s North Carolina studio. The artist never sits when he’s painting, and only gets into a groove. “When the music’s loud, and I’m moving, and I’m not thinking about what I’m creating,” he […]

Kent Youngstrom’s New Art Series CrossFit + Canvas

QC Exlcusive Maganize by Ashley Carlini When you meet Kent Youngstrom, he usually introduces himself as “an artist, but not the tortured kind.” It’s easy to see why; he takes care of himself, eats right, works out, and is never afraid to get out and go play. His new series, CrossFit + Canvas, is an […]

how to hang art

yep. 57″ on center from the floor for all of your art! click here to see charlotte today video.