• so, you want to take your secret passion (writing, painting, cupcake baking) and make it your full time gig? except it’s really hard and scary to actually, you know, do that? kenT […]

    alexandra franzen, author, writing coach, blogger at alexandrafranzen.com - www.alexandrafranzen.com

  • be something. if you want to make something sent me directly from the pages to my work station to knock out my next big thing.  there was no stopping and no taking the […]

    bradford shellhammer, named one of the ‘100 most creative people in business’ by fast company, founder fab.com / bezar.com - www.bezar.com

  • be something. if you want to make something not only kickstarted my creative engine, but it set me on a new trajectory to lead my team by being the designer, leader, and person […]

    ryan hollingsworth, desing + communications elevation church, charlotte, nc - www.elevationchurch.org

  • the single most creative person i know.  he just happens to not be crazy.  imagine that.  read this book.

    jennifer snyder, author of don’t change the channel

  • you want to be an artist? the untortured kind? then you might  want to sit + read + listen to kenT youngstrom’s startling advice about what it takes to be . . […]

    susan harrow, ceo of prsecrets.com, media coach, author of sell yourself without selling your soul - www.prsecrets.com

  • inside the whimsical universe of creativity i believe there is an unknown language that can only be successfully translated by the chosen few whom have an innate ability to take what seems […]

    brandon viebrock, owner revolution clothing

  • i have taken several classes from kent and plan to take many more! a painting class is something I always wanted to do. when the wine and design places started popping up […]

    melodi vandemark

  • we were at kenT’s studio last year for an open studio paint night. had such a great time we are taking a big group back this weekend. kent is so laid back […]

    cory worf

  • kenT does a wonderful job making you feel like you can really paint. he is fun, talented and you go home with a momento of a great evening! i also have one […]

    patti pippin mikita

  • it’s rare to find unique thoughts and creative motivation in my business.  kenT youngstrom makes my team feel cool, keeps my patients in awe, and encourages my soul to express my own […]

    dr. marc allen

  • kent is the easiest person to collaborate with… in the history of ever. he’s like: “send me some cool words that i can put on my paintings.” i’m like: “ok. here you […]

    alexandra franzen

  • kenT immediately, with both feet in and without hesitation, made himself a part of our team. his input, excitement, willingness, generosity, awareness and creativity was unparalleled and unexpected. he instantly ingratiated himself […]

    cordilla jochim

  • working with kenT is badass on many levels.   he’s an artist with layers, so i get to approach a project with greater expectations, knowing what i conceptualize will be surpassed.

    erin ducharme waters

  • kenT’s art captivates you the moment you see it.  his vision to create the mood and feeling desired by his clients in their space is is quite compelling.  he is one of […]

    chris rinkert

  • refreshed. relaxed. focused. free. all at once. that’s how it feels to brainstorm an idea or project with kenT. we love everything he does!

    tonia bendickson

  • kenT is the most creative mind i have ever worked with.  he always discovers a way to look at something or someone with an artistic eye that can’t be beat.  

    jenn snyder

  • kenT is unquestionably the smartest, most talented person i know who has an acute inability to spell some of webster’s most common words, to include; strangely enough his wife’s first name.  he […]

    stacy takats donnelly

  • kenT leaves nothing on the table.  without a doubt, he is the collaborator i would choose to work with again – and have.  he makes each experience uniquely artistic, new & creative, […]

    shelly takats hutchins