things to know


hey.  real quick like…

before we dive into creating a piece of art together let me at least have a chat.

this is what you can expect when working with me…

i will make it easier than you think to own a commissioned painting.

i will be just as excited to start as you are.

i have my style – i like it.  i assume you are working with me because you like it too.  i’m happy to look at other artist work and use it as inspiration, but if you are looking for a copy i’m not into that.

because stretching canvas + gathering supplies is my least favorite part of a project and because we are just starting our relationship, all commissioned work / custom painting starts with a 50% deposit.

as we move along i will send photograph’s taken in day light with a high – resolution camera for you to approve.  full image & close ups.  i will not use a selfie stick.

any remaining balance due prior to shipping via credit card.  what i don’t accept is payment of any kind until you are over the moon obsessed with the final outcome.

i ship all paintings fedex home delivery. each is gallery wrapped and ready to hang out of the box.  i even provide height hanging instructions.  if you are local i may even come hang it for you.

it generally takes btwn. 2-4 wks to finish + ship your custom piece.  i work as on a schedule. i’m the anti-artist.  i wake up. get off the couch.  work my backside off. show up on time. and i surprise people.

if you still need a push of conviction as to proof that working with me is just as easy as finding a starbucks on a seattle street corner, i can send testimonials from others who have taken the leap.

have a question about an interior design or branding project?

i hope you can see from above that my heart belongs to the  mission of making the walls of your home, office or secret lair as memorable as you are.  and while graphics and interiors play a role in that, i am currently booked through the year for such ventures.

i want to make sure you get the best possible support. please send me a note if you are in that boat and i can refer you to some great people who can help you in a more timely manner.

need to return something?

just let me know why – any reasonable reason sounds good to me.  however, if it’s a commission or a custom piece we should have agreed before it was shipped that it is what you are looking for – so it’s kinda yours now.