you + me seek connection and intimacy.

and i paint to pull you closer, to breathe life into love lost ,to champion the underdog, to find out what happens when you don’t give up. while words on a naked canvas flirt with brush strokes and simplicity mirrors complexity in a little black dress –  i want these somethings to mean something to you. this is your art for your walls, for your bedroom, for your secret lair. i’m kent and i’m your therapist approved artist.

look around.  this site is like an old general store that may seem unorganized but is full of new treasures on each visit.  wonder the aisles of new work, inquire about having something painted just for you – or visit the second floor to see brands i work with, murals i have painted and see spaces i have enhanced.  no matter what you are looking for i hope experience is one of the best parts of your day.


new work, a few favorites and samples to browse to assist in having something painted just for you.


to make the walls of your home, office or secret lair as beautiful as you are.  i promise it’s easier than you think.

if i wasn’t an artist


i’d be a dancer, and if i wasn’t that i’d be an astronaut, with a really thick helmet or a cowboy with a brim, but if i wasn’t that i’d be a teacher – yes, a teacher, or a singer with a sold-out arena, everyone shouting my name and also i’d be a scientist or detective, but if not that i’d be a pilot and an architect – and if i wasn’t that i’d hammer roofs and sell shoes and serve sandwiches in a corner shop or i would bang on wall street and diversify portfolios and i’d coach soccer to teach a better way and use things the way they’re unintended and tattoo birds on my arm to fight fear and do all the things that matter because if i wasn’t an artist,


 i’d still be an artist.



a boutique line of home goods and products featuring my composition of words and color.


much like bacon and anything i think we are better together.  i have been lucky enough to be the anything to some amazing bacon over the past few years.  brands i love. people i love.  want to work with me? 


retail. hospitality, fitness + secret lairs.  a little bit of design, some fabrication and well – a lot of paint.